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OPTIMUM PUMPING TECHNOLOGY has collaborated with some of the most respected companies and organizations in the Natural Gas Pipeline industry to ensure the successful introduction and widespread adoption of our new technology.

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ACI is a well known service and solutions provider to the Natural Gas Industry.  They have partnered with us to design and supply the Pipe Junctions, called TST's used in our PAN installations.   Click here for more information. Also, check out the TV business spot on ACI, including PAN technology!

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The Gas Machinery Research Council has been involved and interested in our technology since 2006.  They have helped to fund research in the area of PAN development and we have authored many technical papers for the GMC. Click here for more information.

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The El Paso Corporation (subsequently bought out by Kinder Morgan) were the first to approach us to design and develop PAN technology and has provided funding as well as allowed our PANs to be applied to their own stations as part of the development of the technology.   Click here for more information.

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OPTIMUM Power Technology, an affiliated company to OPTIMUM PUMPING Technology, has created the world's only 1-Dimensional, real gas, unsteady flow simulation, modeling and design system (Virtual Pumping Station). This unique system has enabled PUMPING to invent and optimize our PAN products.  OPTIMUM PUMPING Technology has a unique agreement with OPTIMUM Power Technology that allows PUMPING to use Power’s technology for product development and Consulting Services.  From model creation to full pumping station design to to research-grade testing, contact OPTIMUM Power Technology to discuss how the OPT family can help your organization.
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