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You may be just hearing about PAN Technology, but PANs have enjoyed years of research and development to make our pulsation control the better alternative to pulsation bottles. During this R&D phase, many research papers have been published through the Gas Machinery Research Council; the largest independant research organization in the natural gas industry. Below is a timeline timeline of technological achievements along with links to GMRC papers:


A successful PAN Filter installation was highlighted in a GMC 2016 paper:


The results of the Zick PAN Field Test were published in a GMRC Technical Paper: Design and Field Test of a Full Scale Performance Augmentation Network (PAN)

A second PAN system has been installed and is running in production at William's Lathrop station!

Our PAN Technology has been awarded a Patent in Canada (Patent #2,733,280)!!
We are continuing to seek worldwide patent protection for PAN technology and expect more patents to be approved in the coming months.

The PAN has been installed and is running in production at William's Zick station!!
We have a team of engineers taking measurements and we will pass along our results as soon as the GMRC gives us the green light!


COMPRESSORTech 2 Article on our GMRC 2014 PAN Project
Article Headline: Technique to recover pulsation energy could be breakthrough

GMRC Approves the PAN Field Test Project for 2014!
Thanks to everyone for helping making this happen! We are eager to show the world our new PAN technology!


GMRC Report

GMRC-Sponsored PAN Field Test Summary (PDF)

Presented technical paper at GMRC "Thinking Outside the Bottle: Attenuate Pulsation and Eliminate 90% of All Pressure Losses".

First International PAN Patent granted.


Presented technical paper at GMRC "Efficient Bottle-less Compressor Control - Experimental Test Results".

Installed a Pulsation Atenuation Network (PAN) at Kinder Morgan's (El Paso) Ellisburg, PA site as part of a Proof-of-Concept of PAN Technology

Presented technical paper at GMRC "Demonstration of Efficient Compressor Control Using Tuned Loop Networks".

Applied for the first Patent Application on PAN Technology

Presented technical paper at GMRC "An Investigation of the Application of Finite Amplitude Wave Simulation with a New Technology for Recirprocating Compressor Pulsations".

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