OPTIMUM Pumping Technology's mission is to create and market state-of-the-art high performance systems to the Natural Gas Pipeline industry that dramatically improve the reliability, efficiency, flow capacity, greenhouse gas emissions and cost effectiveness of midstream transport and downstream pumping station compressors and pipelines.

OPTIMUM Pumping Technology designs Performance Augmentation Networks or PANs that improve the flow capacity, efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness of high speed reciprocating compressors in pumping stations. Read more about PANs.

OPTIMUM Pumping Techology uses Virtual Pumping Station, which is proprietary, state-of-the-art 1-D real gas simulation software to replicate the intricate wave characteristics present in the pumping station. Then, Automated Design software is used to optimize the PAN dimensions for each unique compressor and pumping station. Read more about Virtual Pumping Station and Automated Design.

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