Performance Augmentation Networks

Performance Augmentation Networks (PANs) are a novel new technology that dramatically improves the reliability, efficiency, flow capacity, greenhouse gas emissions and cost effectiveness of midstream transport and downstream pumping station compressors and pipelines. PANs attenuate gas pulsation and can recover, not dissipate, pulation energy to make compressors more efficient and flow more gas. PANs replace pulsation control bottles with standard piping and new junction technology. There are two types of PANs: PAN Filters and PAN Hi Performance Manifolds.

PAN Filters (also known as Tuned Loop PANs) are employed when you have a single pipe that contains pulsations that you wish to reduce. Read more about PAN Filters.

PAN Hi Performance Manifolds are employed to reduce pulsation when 2 or more pipes are joined together. Manifold PANs can also be designed to increase gas flow and/or reduce the piston work required to move the gas similar to the way high performance race engine headers and collectors work. Read more about PAN Hi Performance Manifolds.

Read more about PAN Applications.

Read about PAN Results.

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